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Having fun with "Google Earth". (English)
Math. Teach. Inc. Micromath 2008, No. 209, 28-30 (2008).
Summary: There are many mathematics teachers now who, when entering a classroom without a data projector and Internet connection, feel as though they are flying on one wing‒such are the amazing opportunities that these relatively new gadgets can offer. The author believes that teaching with dynamic images (from software and the Web) makes mathematics lessons more effective, more efficient and a lot more fun. In this article, he describes what "Google Earth" can offer. "Google Earth" is freely available to anyone with a reasonably fast computer and Internet connection. It is an application that needs installing, but, once there, it offers the opportunity for an exciting new range of screen-based classroom activities, involving shapes one can spy on from above. (ERIC)
Classification: U50 D40 M10
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