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Quilting with year 6. (English)
Math. Teach. Inc. Micromath 2008, No. 210, 27-31 (2008).
Summary: Following an ATM working weekend funded by the Clothworkers Guild, the authors invited three neighbouring village primary schools to make a quilt as a collaborative venture. Using some ready-made quilts, resource books and boxes of ATM tiles (squares, hexagons, octagons, dodecagons) and a separate box containing plastic squares, triangles, two sorts of rhombus, trapeziums and hexagons plus rulers, glue, pencils, six-inch gummed squares and some printed six inch squares on a variety of A4 brightly-coloured paper, the children were asked to produce a quilt of their own. In this article, the authors describe in detail their quilting activities. (ERIC)
Classification: M93 G43
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