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Supporting mathematics in other subject areas. (English)
Math. Teach. Middle Sch. 14, No. 5, 260-266 (2008).
Summary: It is important for students to have opportunities to experience mathematics in contexts outside of the mathematics classroom. The links between mathematics and other disciplines can help students develop a fuller understanding of mathematics. Problems arising in health, science, and social studies can help students understand ratios, measurement, data, and algebra. Projects in art can help students make sense of shape, symmetry, similarity, and geometric transformations. Activities in language arts can help students develop skills for reading, writing, and discussing mathematics. Such interdisciplinary experiences also help students appreciate the usefulness of mathematics. This article presents a process that middle school mathematics teachers can share with their colleagues to identify ways to incorporate important mathematical concepts and procedures into other subject areas. The authors also discuss what one middle school social studies teacher learned from her experiences supporting mathematics in her classes. (Contains 2 tables and 4 figures.) (ERIC)
Classification: M13 D43
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