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Technology in mathematics education: tapping into vision of the future. (English)
Masalski, William J. et al., Technology-supported mathematics learning environments. Sixty-seventh yearbook. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), (ISBN 0-87353-569-3). 345-366 (2005).
Summary: What will technology look like in mathematics classrooms ten years from now? How will technologies be used to affect school mathematics content and teaching? What are the principal changes in mathematics teaching and learning that we might expect over the next decade? The article looks forward to what technology-supported mathematics learning environments might look like in the future. To find answers to this question, the author interviewed individuals, all of whom noted for leading-edge thinking on the uses of technology, most of them in the use of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Contents: Some constructs for thinking about enhancing mathematics learning through technology; Emerging technologies (Computational tools \lbrackDynamic tools; Intelligent tutors and computer algebra systems; Microworlds; Hardware\rbrack; Tools for communication and information \lbrackWeb-based instruction; Interactive community building\rbrack); The effects of emerging technologies on the content of school mathematics; Technology and the practice of teaching (Changes in schools and school days; Changes in the role of students in defining the tasks; Changes in classroom connectivity; The effect of technology on mathematics learning in informal settings; Technology to help teachers do their jobs \lbrackLogistics of running a classroom; Providing individual assistance to students; Textbooks and teacher’s editions; Accountability; Collaboration\rbrack); Some parting thoughts.
Classification: U50 R20 R50 D30
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