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The role of technology in representing mathematical problem situations and concepts. (English)
Masalski, William J. et al., Technology-supported mathematics learning environments. Sixty-seventh yearbook. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), (ISBN 0-87353-569-3). 277-290 (2005).
Summary: The article first goes into five important roles (management tool, communication tool, evaluation tool, motivational tool, cognitive tool) technology plays in the mathematics classroom. It then gives an overview of two problems and how technology might be used as a cognitive tool for representing the problem situations and for exploring the mathematical ideas underlying each problem. The first problem, a TIMSS problem, engages students in making conjectures about the areas of triangles that share a common basis. The second problem, a calculus problem, involves a more abstract problem situation and deals with the complex idea of rate of change.
Classification: U50 R20
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