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Savoring the illustrative culture from mathematics teaching material of junior middle school. (Chinese. English summary)
J. Math. Educ. (Tianjin) 17, No. 3, 98-99 (2008).
Summary: Many illustrations are added in the new mathematics teaching material of junior middle school. It can not only enhance the readability of the teaching material itself and teachers\rq and students\rq interest for the teaching material, but also leave us vast space for savouring. The space is just like a huge garden from which the illustrative culture breeds, and it seems as if the culture has many new-born flowers. For instance, the intimate relationship between building and mathematics can be seen from the illustrations of buildings; the portraits of celebrities reflects their uncommon style and features. The life illustrations imply that mathematics is around you. The art illustrations witness that mathematics and art were flying side by side.
Classification: U23 U63 U83 C63
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