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Learning to teach mathematics in a whole school context. (English)
Prim. Math. 12, No. 2, 20-22 (2008).
From the introduction: How can we use the resources of a primary school most effectively in helping trainees to become effective teachers of primary mathematics? How can we exploit context as we teach mathematics to young children? In this article we would like to describe an extremely valuable relationship which has developed, and continues to develop, between two institutions as we have sought our own answers to these questions. One of these institutions is the university faculty at which we learn and teach, the other a primary school close to the university campus. At first sight this relationship seems no different to countless others which exist wherever trainee teachers require school contexts in which to develop their skills in teaching mathematics. As we will describe however, the nature of the present relationship and the opportunities it has offered to both trainee teachers and children has been quite special.
Classification: B50 F99
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