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Modelling and applications in primary education. (English)
Blum, Werner (ed.) et al., Modelling and applications in mathematics education. The 14th ICMI study. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 0-387-29820-7/hbk). New ICMI Study Series 10, 451-456 (2007).
Summary: This chapter is the result of the reflections on contributions presented by the participants of the Primary Education Modelling Group during the Modelling and Application Study Conference held in Dortmund, Germany in Febmary, 2004. The material presented by the group participants gives opportunity for some brief considerations regarding the day-to-day school life of children and for the presentation of modelling procedures for use in primary education, as well as it invites reflections on the possibility of these procedures becoming school practices in light of the level of training of the majority of teachers.
Classification: D32 M12
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