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Elaborating the teacher’s role - towards a professional language. (English)
Johnsen Høines, Marit (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the 28th international conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, PME 28, Bergen, Norway, July 14‒18, 2004. Bergen: Bergen University College. Part IV, 193-200 (2004).
Summary: As part of a larger project on effective numeracy teaching practice a number of teachers took turns to teach a small group of students in front of their peers who were located on the other side of a one-way window. Observing teachers were asked to comment on what they noticed ‘in-the-moment’ and suggest labels or metaphors that captured the essence of the teacher’s acts to support learning. Twelve scaffolding practices were identified as a result of this activity suggesting that it is a valuable tool for making explicit what teachers know and exercise intuitively in the context of primary mathematics classrooms. Here, we describe the activity and illustrate its potential for building a meaningful, accessible language that teachers can use to actively reflect on their practice.
Classification: C72 C52 D42 A62
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