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Modelling for pre-service teachers. (English)
Haines, Christopher (ed.) et al., Mathematical modelling (ICTMA 12): Education, engineering and economics. Proceedings from the 12th international conference on the teaching of mathematical modelling and applications, London, UK, July 10‒14, 2005. Chichester: Horwood (ISBN 978-1-904275-20-6/pbk). 458-464 (2007).
Summary: Teaching mathematical modelling has become more important as we prepare students to investigate complex phenomena that affect their lives. However, many mathematics programmes do not include modelling experiences for their future teachers even though they will be called upon to teach modelling-based mathematics to their students. At Wright State University, our nine-course programme for middle school mathematics teachers has modelling as a central theme. This paper describes four of these courses that help students develop modelling skills. Two vital practices we keep in mind when planning are reinforcing modelling skills over time throughout our courses, and aiming the mathematics and the activities at the students ability levels.
Classification: B50 M19
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