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Subject related education management: course concept and first findings from accompanying research. (English)
Sriraman, Bharath (ed.), Beliefs and mathematics. Festschrift in honor of Günter Törner’s 60th birthday. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing; Missoula, MT: University of Montana (ISBN 978-1-593-11868-6/pbk; 978-1-593-11869-3/hbk). The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast. Monograph 3, 168-180 (2007).
Summary: The target group for the four-semester professional development course entitled “Subject-related Education Management” (2006‒2008) in Austria are secondary school teachers of German, mathematics and the natural sciences. They are expected to initiate and support processes in their respective federal states with the aim of critically appraising individual and interdisciplinary teaching methods for each subject, and to (further) develop new methods. The goal of accompanying research is to examine participants’development of competence. Initial findings show that there are no significant differences between teachers with regard to the self-assessment of interests and competences in relation to subject area, gender or school type. However, the extent to which teachers have experience in the organisation and implementation of teacher education makes a significant difference.
Classification: B50
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