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Library planning and design: lessons in mathematics. (English)
Aust. Math. Teach. 61, No. 1, 36-40 (2005).
Summary: A renovation of school buildings at Rosetta High School, in the northern suburbs of Hobart, Tasmania, has provided an opportunity for students to use a real life context to develop and apply mathematical understanding. This has led to students achieving educational outcomes for the Essential Learnings (ELs) curriculum that affirm the role of mathematics as a critical element of education and its potential for assisting with the development of learning outcomes across the curriculum. The mathematics project described here illustrates that desired outcomes for other ELs can be facilitated by exploring mathematical concepts in a real life context. In this case, outcomes were also planned for the social responsibility key element outcome "understanding the past and creating preferred futures". (ERIC)
Classification: M13 M14
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