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Using teacher portfolios to enrich the methods course experiences of prospective mathematics teachers. (English)
Sch. Sci. Math. 104, No. 8, 392 (2004).
Summary: This paper illustrates ways to employ teacher portfolios to improve the quality of methods course experiences for prospective mathematics teachers. Based upon research conducted in an undergraduate teacher preparation program, this case study describes how the author used teacher portfolios to mentor prospective teachers in new ways. The case describes the author’s experiences through a case study of his assessment of and response to one prospective teacher’s portfolio. This portfolio illustrated themes that were present in other teachers’ portfolios, but did so in ways that highlighted strategies for change to the methods course. Through the lens of this teacher’s portfolio the author identified specific ways that the prospective teacher’s beliefs were impacting her teaching practice, a result that enabled him to better help all of the teachers in the methods course reflect on their teaching. By providing a detailed account of the feedback process that led to this result, this paper illustrates how mathematics teacher educators can use prospective teachers’ portfolios to enrich the quality of their methods courses. (ERIC)
Classification: B50
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