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Certain number. Teaching number through chance and data activities. (English)
AAMT - Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, Adelaide, SA (ISBN 0-9750718-0-7). 64 p. (2003).
Summary: This book outlines a range of classroom activities that integrate the mathematics strands of Chance and Data with Number. The classroom activities are suited to all levels of the primary school mathematics curriculum. The main learning outcomes for the activities are in Chance and Data, but through the course of implementing the activities you will find that a range of learning outcomes for number are also encountered. This places the number learning within a context and gives opportunities to assess whether pupils can apply their number knowledge. For each activity the possible number learning outcomes are detailed quite specifically at each of the lower, middle and upper levels of the primary school.
Classification: K43 K42 K53 K52 U43 U42
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