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Conjecturing in a computer microworld: Zooming out and zooming in. (English)
Focus Learn. Probl. Math. 28, No. 2, 1-19 (2006).
From the introduction: In this article we focus on conjectures and conjecturing in computer-based environments. Our goal is twofold. First, we take a broader view, ’zoom out’, of conjecturing and situate it within the larger cluster of mathematical activities with which it interacts. We thus aim to provide a better account of the motivations for the effects of conjecturing in student mathematical inquiry than is currently available in the research literature, where conjecturing is frequently seen as a precursor to proof. Second, we examine the details, ’zoom in’, of the student conjecturing in the context of a specific computer-based problem situation. We examine particular elements of participants’ interactions with the problem, including the triggers that shaped their conjectures and the ways in which conjecturing guided their problem solving. In addition to providing a fine-grain analysis of student conjecturing, ’zooming in’ allows us to understand better the role a teacher can play in supporting productive conjecturing in computer-based environments.
Classification: D50 C30 U70
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