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Prospective teachers reading research articles: examining the potentially empowering and debilitating effects. (English)
Issues Undergrad. Math. Prep. Sch. Teach., J. 2, Pedagogy, 1-14 (2002).
The current mathematics education reform efforts regarding teacher preparation emphasize the development of content and pedagogical knowledge. In particular, the adequacy of teachers’ mathematical knowledge receives considerable attention along with the effects of content knowledge on pedagogical practices. This paper illustrates how reading a particular research article designed to draw personal relevance for the investigation into the division of fractions can have both empowering and debilitating effects. The responses of 23 prospective elementary teachers specializing in mathematics portray the variegated efficacy of using the reading of the Borko et al. (1992) article to pique the prospective teachers’ interests and draw relevancy for the content under discussion. Additionally, the study indicates the need for attention to emotional upheavals which result from such an instructional intervention. (orig.)
Classification: F49 B52
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