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Elementary school teacher candidates’ perceptions of good problems. (English)
Issues Undergrad. Math. Prep. Sch. Teach., J. 1, Content Knowledge, 1-13 (2005).
This study describes a classroom action research activity regarding a group of elementary school teacher candidates’ perceptions of good mathematics problems. A questionnaire containing 20 problems was given, and the candidates were asked to rate the quality of each problem on a 5-point scale. The results revealed that the majority of the teacher candidates considered typical routine problems good and showed strong resistance to some non-routine problems that have atypical characteristics. Although the need of new perspective towards the nature of problem solving was identified throughout the reflection process, the teacher candidates expected difficulties in utilizing atypical problems in their future classrooms due to the lack of systemic support or individual teacher’s confidence. Implications of the results and the need for new directions are discussed. (orig.)
Classification: D59
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