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Activity-based statistics. Instructor resources. (English)
Key College Publishing, Emeryville, CA (ISBN 1-930190-73-5). 406 p. (2004).
The goal of the Activity-Based Statistics Project (ABSP) is to develop a set of such activities that engage students in the learning process and cover the statistical concepts essential to any introductory course. These activities can be used in a variety of class settings to allow students to ’discover’ concepts of statistics by working through a set of ’laboratory’ exercises. Whether the ’laboratory’ is the classroom, the student’s usual place of study, or a more formal statistics laboratory, the traditional lectures in introductory statistics should be supplemented or supplanted by a program that requires the active participation of the students, working individually or in groups. Statistics, then, should be taught more as an experimental science and less as traditional mathematics.
Classification: K15
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