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The portfolio. A tool for evaluating students with special educative needs. (El portafolio. Instrumento de evaluación de los alumnos con necesidades educativas especiales.) (Spanish)
Uno 12, No. 43, 42-56 (2006).
Traditionally, evaluating the curricular skill of students with special educative needs has been carried out through the application of written or standard tests. Although these tests allow us to valuate the students’ curricular skill, they do not provide relevant information about evaluation in the development of capabilities. The evaluation and diagnose of the students’ progress needs alternative tools such as portfolios. In the first section of this article we characterise the situation and the theoretical reference that permit the elaboration of a portfolio, a basic tool for evaluation. In the second section of the article we provide examples for the planning and the analysis of the use of portfolios for the regulation of the teaching and learning processes in students with moderate and deep intellectual disability. (Authors’ abstract)
Classification: D66 C96
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