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Mental computation: the benefits of informed teacher instruction. (English)
Clarkson, Philip et al., MERGA 28 - 2005. Building connections: Theory, research and practice. Vol. 1 and 2. ,. 419-426 (2005).
The study investigated the change in student mental computation strategies for addition and subtraction following eight half-hour lessons over an eight-week period. The principal researcher provided the teacher with a theoretical background for mental computation and support materials for the development of the instructional program. Twenty-one Year 2 students participated in pre- and post-testing using individual interviews to identify the students’ mental computational methods. The results indicated that students who employed inefficient methods such as counting moved to more sophisticated strategies such as wholistic compensation. Other students who already employed some sophisticated strategies increased their repertoire. (orig.)
Classification: F32 B52 D42 C72
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