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Teachers’ development of substantive communication about mathematics. (English)
Clarkson, Philip et al., MERGA 28 - 2005. Building connections: Theory, research and practice. Vol. 1 and 2. ,. 601-608 (2005).
Twenty preservice teachers participated in a collaborative action research project in which they taught mathematics lessons about shapes in 12 classrooms of a local primary school. The paper reports on the development of teachers as they establish substantive communication about shapes in two upper primary classrooms. The paper highlights common themes from analysis of the other students’ reports. Videotape or audiotape transcripts of the lessons and student work samples were available as well as my own classroom observation notes. The preservice teachers’ reflections were critical in their development of questioning skills. Their desire to modify approaches and their growing knowledge of concepts built their self-confidence as teachers. (orig.)
Classification: C59 D49 G29
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