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Mentoring mathematics teachers in low socio-economic secondary schools in New Zealand. (English)
Clarkson, Philip et al., MERGA 28 - 2005. Building connections: Theory, research and practice. Vol. 1 and 2. ,. 459-466 (2005).
The paper reports on mentoring relationships that developed as a professional development strategy for mathematics teachers in secondary schools in low socio-economic areas. It follows from an earlier paper (Kensington-Miller, 2004) in which four different professional development strategies, one of which was mentoring, were evaluated for their effectiveness in understanding mathematics teacher development in low socio-economic schools. The paper then theorises the effectiveness and the difficulties that occur within different mentoring relationships. The relationships are described using a continuum model ranging from judgmental to developmental. (orig.)
Classification: B50 C60 D69
Keywords: mentoring
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