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The use of the graphic calculator during collaborative work in secondary vocational education. (Het gebruik van de grafische rekenmachine tijdens samenwerkend leren in het middelbaar beroepsonderwijs.) (Dutch)
Tijdschr. Didact. $β$-Wet. 21, No. 2, 93-105 (2004).
On several schools for vocational education in the Netherlands, a new mathematics textbook has been implemented. Characteristics of this textbook are the use of tasks that are based on meaningful problems and the integration of the graphic calculator. An instructional approach was designed that included gradual adaptations in teacher instructional behavior in organizing whole-class instructions and whole-class discussions and in coaching student collaborative working in small groups. Although the study had a broader aim of improving student collaboration, in this article, it is investigated how teachers’ instruction in how to use the graphic calculator is related with how students used this tool during collaborative problem solving. The learning environment included both classroom and collaborative (small group) activities. During one year video registrations were collected of these activities. Observations and video registrations were used to discuss instructional adaptations with the teachers. Registrations of collaborative work were used to transcribe verbatim teacher-student and student-student interactions. Results indicate that during collaborative work the graphic calculator was increasingly used as a tool to support discussions between students. (orig.)
Classification: U77 U27 D47 C67 C57
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