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Bulgarian mathematics competitions (11-14 year olds). Selected Problems. (English)
REGALIA-6, Sofia (ISBN 954-8147-67-X). 160 p. (1998).
The book contains more than 250 math problems and full solutions selected from the Bulgarian national competitions for young students (11-14 year olds) held regularly for the last 15 years. This edition in English is an improved version of the very successful two previous editions (in Bulgarian) and is provoked by the respective achievements of the young Bulgarian mathematicians at various international contests. The problems (most of them provided by the editors) are grouped by topics - arithmetic, algebra, geometry - and ranked by order of difficulty. The chapter titled ’Non-standard Problems’ presents tasks that may challenge both math skills and logical reasoning of the students of all levels. The book is of an extreme help to everyone who deals with mathematically gifted pupils.
Classification: U43 B63
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