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Representation systems in problem solving. (Sistemas de representación en la resolución de problemas.) (Spanish)
Form. Profr. Investig. Educ. Mat. 6, 159-188 (2004).
In this work we present the results of a test about solving problems applied to a group of Teacher Training pupils in the speciality of Childhood Education. The test consists of eight problems, well and not well defined, on the arithmetic, geometric (measure) and algebraic contents. The stories of the problems were presented in different representation systems: digital, analogical and located. The results show that this group of pupils tries to use the digital representation in solving problems, independently of its superficial structure. However, in the problems of geometric content the highest percentage of success is produced in those cases in which the pupils appeal to representations that differ from the digital one. (orig.)
Classification: F99 D59 B52
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