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A study on mistakes and difficulties related to algebraic language. (Estudio sobre dificultades y errores en relaciĆ³n con el lenguaje algebraico.) (Spanish)
Form. Profr. Investig. Educ. Mat. 5, 297-321 (2004).
In this report a comparative study of the origin of the mistakes that Compulsory Secondary School pupils make as opposed to Bachillerato in three specific processes of the Algebraic Language: formal substitution, generalization and modelization is presented. The study of mistakes is made in relation with the following axis: affective attitudes about Mathematics, lack of sense and obstacle. On this occasion, we try to analyse if a hierarchy between the mistakes that pupils have made in the different studied processes can be established, and, finally, but paying special attention to the origin. (orig.)
Classification: D73 H13 E43
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