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A collaborative project using narratives - What happens when pupils work on mathematical investigations? Further issues in teacher education. (English)
Peter-Koop, Andrea et al., Collaboration in teacher education. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht (ISBN 1-4020-1392-2). 85-97 (2003).
Mathematical investigations involve searching for patterns, formulating, testing, and justifying conjectures, reflecting, and generalising. Doing investigations in the classroom is a powerful activity for students’ learning but poses many challenges to the teacher. To study the professional knowledge involved in this kind of work was the aim of a collaborative action-research project that involved one classroom teacher and two university teacher educators. We used narratives to depict relevant elements of teachers’ activity and to show key aspects of their dilemmas and uncertainties. This paper discusses the role of the collaborative work undertaken by the participants in the project as they reflected about classroom practices and curriculum issues, based on a narrative of a class where sixth grade students worked on a mathematical investigation.
Classification: D50
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