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Mathematics for Business Decisions - Part 1: Probability and Simulation. Student notebook. (English)
Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC (ISBN 0-88385-742-1). CD-ROM. (2005).
The CD contains two separate, complete editions (Standard edition: Loan Work Outs and Stock Option Pricing, Alternative edition: Loan Work Outs and Managing ATM Queues) of a self-contained electronic text. Both editions present the same mathematical and computer topics. The versions are distinguished by the different business decision projects to which they apply the tools (Probability, Bayes’ Theorem, data searching, downloaded stock data, bootstrapping and Monte Carlo simulation, compound interest, and random sampling). The program, consisting of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files, is designed for freshmen or sophomores majoring in business and public administration. The prerequisites are algebra and basic familiarity with MS Windows and MS Office software. The enclosed Student Notebook contains notes on installation, using the computer, and project backgrounds illustrated by all screen captures.
Classification: K90 M40 R30
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