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The description of the initial phases of an instructional technology assessment project at the University of Michigan. (English)
Sárvári, Csaba, Computer algebra systems and dynamic geometry systems in mathematics teaching. University of Pécs, Pécs (ISBN 963-642-051-3). 97-112 (2004).
In this paper, I will outline the development and the preliminary analysis of the first two phases of a research project that is currently being developed at the University of Michigan. During the first phase of the project, we conducted surveys and interviews informing us about students’ perceptions and attitudes toward the technology employed in a Multivariate Calculus course in the Department of Mathematics. Utilizing results from the first phase we decided to focus our attention on the characterization of teaching practices in lectures where lecturers use CAS demos to visualize mathematical objects. The aim of this characterization is the development of a research instrument that will assist us to correlate teaching with learning and in this way to better understand the effects of CAS demos on students’ learning. Following the analysis of video records and interviews we plan to develop further research instruments to gauge students’ learning result from the use of various CAS applications. (Abstract)
Classification: C75 D45 I65 U75 R25
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