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Online assessment in mathematics: Multiple assessment formats. (English)
N. Z. J. Math. 32, Suppl., 57-65 (2003).
Questions used for assessment can be classified into two broad categories - Provided Response Questions (PRQs) and Constructed Response Questions (CRQs). Issues surrounding the two question types, such as the guessing factor and the enforcement of misconceptions through the choice of distracters for PRQs and the lack of partial credit for online CRQs in general, are discussed. The paper also deals with concerns relating to the two question types, both from the teacher and the student’s perspective, as well as student preferences and response strategies. Two comparisons based on test data collected over a number of years, are conducted. The first comparison deals with student performance in online PRQs versus performance in online CRQs. The second comparison is on student performance in online CRQs versus performance in paper CRQs. The contribution of partial credit, a feature mostly lacking in online quizzes, is quantified from the collected data.
Classification: D65
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