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Looking at function concept trough interactive animations. (English)
Teach. Math. 5, No. 1, 37-45 (2002).
The authors deal with the problem how can a teacher to allow students to come up with their procedural ideas and help them to understand the conceptual features of the function, as well. For these purposes, modern technology, of course, offers natural solutions for these kinds of activities. They present and discuss scores of this case study developing the worksheet into a sophisticated CAL environment for the function concept and for carrying out later a more systematic study, including also qualitative analysis. The authors’ pre-test students shows that function is probably handled in school mathematics more or less procedurally without trying to conceptualize it. The post-test students scores show when conducting this case study, many new dynamical ideas for developing of mathematics instructions on the university level are rising, not only concerning this restricted topic but also in more general.
Classification: U65
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