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The context for change: a model for discussion. (English)
Millett, Alison et al., Primary mathematics and the developing professional. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht (ISBN 1-4020-1914-9). 1-17 (2004).
In this chapter we present a model for discussing the implementation of change upon which subsequent chapters will draw. Taking insights particularly from the work of Spillane (1999) and Leithwood, Jantzi and Mascall (1999), we have developed a model where context is taken as that which surrounds and influences an individual making decisions about teaching mathematics in the primary school. The situation, normally the immediate school environment, contains both the pupils and the professional community of colleagues with whom the individual works closely. More distant, but still exerting influence, are the external professionals, policy makers, the public and aspects of private sector enterprise. Critical to our model is the notion of a zone of enactment - an area of potential for professional development, the space in which the individual makes sense of reform or change initiatives in an essentially social process. We outline how work from the Leverhulme Numeracy Research Programme has given rise to a set of questions about what makes a difference in influencing the way in which change is taken on board, and indicate how these questions will be addressed in the chapters that follow. (Authors’ abstract)
Classification: D32
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