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The case for CAS. (English)
, (ISBN 3-934064-45-0). 134 p. (2004).
There are a lot of arguments for and against the use of CAS (Computer Algebra System). The book sets out to provide an argumentative case for the use of CAS. The first section outlines some of the key issues concerning the use of CAS and related research, which supports these issues. The next section details the ideas of teachers from various countries who already use CAS in teaching, learning and assessment. It sets out their experiences in terms of lesson ideas, teaching sessions, and the adaptations that have to be made to question types, to assess suitably. The next section of the book outlines the arguments for and against the use of CAS ("the Advocatus Diaboli"). And the final section of the book provides what the authors believe is a convincing case for the use of CAS in the teaching and learning of mathematics.
Classification: R20 U70 D30
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