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Jumping ahead. (English)
Drijvers, Paul, Classroom-based research in mathematics education. Freudenthal Inst., Utrecht (ISBN 90-74684-22-X). 9-23 (2004).
The chapter reports on a research project, which was carried out in 1999 - 2002. This study discusses the development, the theoretical foundation and the evaluation of a productive training program for mental calculation with numbers up to 100; this program is intended especially for students with weak arithmetic skills in Grade 2. In this training program, the "empty" number line takes a central role. Until 1950, the number line, when used in arithmetic with numbers under 100, was totally absent in textbooks and manuals published in the Netherlands. During the period up to 1970, there was increased didactical interest in the use of the "filled" number line, but the majority of conventional arithmetic textbooks paid no attention to this practice.
Classification: F32 D72
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