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Thinking about mathematical learning with Cabo Verde Ardinas. (English)
Abreu, Guida de et al., Transitions between contexts of mathematical practices. Dordrecht: Kluwer (ISBN 0-7923-7185-2/hbk). Mathematics Education Library 27, 81-122 (2002).
The authors describe their research on the transitions experienced within an out-of-school mathematical practice in Cabo Verde involving young newspaper sellers. They use this research to elaborate Lave and Wenger’s notion of ’learning as increasing participation in communities of practice’, and explore it from two perspectives (a) the socio-historical organisation of the social practice and, (b) the sellers (ardinas) as individual participants in the practice. Evidence of living transitions emerges in the descriptions of how ardinas act to sustain their participation in the social practice. They move from being newcomers to old-timers, from one role to the other, between different rules, values and discourses. Santos and Matos argue that this understanding of living transitions that sustain individuals and communities are also relevant to the formal mathematical practices of school.
Classification: A40 C60 F90
Keywords: social practice
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