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Interpreting a scattergraph displaying counterintuitive covariation. (English)
Bragg, Leicha et al., MERGA 26: Mathematics Education Research: Innovation, Networking, Opportunity (MERINO). Vol. 1 and 2. ,. 523-530 (2003).
A scattergraph showing counterintuitive covariation was the basis for two types of graph interpretation questions: verbal questions to write and judge verbal statements of covariation, and numerical questions to read and interpolate values. Thirteen third- to ninth-graders were interviewed about their survey responses to these questions. Four responses levels were identified for both verbal and numerical graph interpretation. Most students understood some but not all aspects of the covariation, suggesting bivariate data interpretation need not be reserved for senior-secondary students.
Classification: K42 K43 C42 C43
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