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Identifying effective scaffolding practices through structured peer observation and review. (English)
Bragg, Leicha et al., MERGA 26: Mathematics Education Research: Innovation, Networking, Opportunity (MERINO). Vol. 1 and 2. ,. 618-625 (2003).
As part of a large study aimed at identifying and evaluating a range of numeracy teaching approaches in a structured sample of Victorian primary schools, three groups of teachers participated in an activity referred to as ’behind-the-screen’. Teachers took turns to teach a small group of children from their own class in a room with a one-way mirror. Observing teachers were asked to comment on what they noticed and suggest labels or metaphors that captured the essence of the teacher’s communicative acts. Preliminary analysis suggests that this technique is a valuable tool in identifying and describing scaffolding practices in mathematics teaching and enhancing teacher’s understanding of their professional practice.
Classification: D40 C70
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