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The Homi Bhabha curriculum in primary mathematics - background and overview. (English)
Agarkar, Sudhakar C. et al., CASTME-UNESCO-HBCSE international conference on science technology and mathematics education for human development. Vol. 1. ,. 101-105 (2002).
In 1997 HBCSE launched a project of the development of the Homi Bhabha Curriculum in primary mathematics along with primary science. The curriculum would embody insights gained by the centre over the years and be a vehicle to propagate the educational philosophy and approach of the centre. For traditionally difficult topics we have developed different teaching strategies. For example, concrete models of place value are combined with symbolic representations in the context of addition and subtraction. Fractions are introduced both as a part of a whole (traditional approach) and as an equal share (adapted from the Dutch realistic mathematics approach). Multiplicative relations between numbers in the abstract and in concrete situations are introduced carefully. We discuss some of these examples. Finally we focus on aspects of language and presentation. This includes appropriate vocabulary, attractive graphics, clear layout and gender fairness.
Classification: D32
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