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The development of student teachers’ efficacy beliefs in mathematics during practicum. (English)
Pateman, Neil A. et al., Proceedings of the 27th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education held jointly with the 25th Conference of PME-NA. Vol. 4. ,. 7-14 (2003).
In this study we examine the development of prospective primary teachers’ efficacy beliefs (TEB) with respect to teaching mathematics during practicum. The analysis of the responses of 89 student teachers in three repeated scale distributions indicated a marked positive change in all groups formed by cluster analysis. Eight students were interviewed at the commencement, in the middle, and at the end of the course to investigate which factors contributed to this change and how. We found that the effect of broad sources informing efficacy beliefs identified by Bandura (1997) supplemented by the influence of individuals involved in the course played a major role in the cyclical process of efficacy change. Implications for further research and for developing practicum courses are drawn.
Classification: C29
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