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Assessing and developing measurement with young children. (English)
Clements, Douglas H. et al., Learning and teaching measurement. 2003 yearbook. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, VA (ISBN 0-87353-539-1). 68-80 (2003).
As part of an Australian research and professional development project, teachers used a framework of ’growth points’ in early mathematics learning and a related, task-based, one-on-one interview to assess children’s understanding of important ideas. The growth points offered a serie of conceptual landmarks along the way to understanding pivotal mathematical ideas, as well as a lens for teachers through which they could view the things they saw in the classroom and build on their children’s current skills and concepts. In this article, we outline the framework, share examples of interview tasks that provide insight into children’s understanding of measurement, describe some examples of creative teachers’ use of a children’s storybook to develop a range of classroom activities that focused on measurement concepts, and share some insights from the project. (From the introduction)
Classification: F71
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