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The role of statistics in sports. (English)
Inference Data Decis., No. Spring, 34-36 (2002).
Statistical analyses in sports can usually be classified into one of four categories: strategy, evaluation, modeling, and prediction. Analyses into strategy investigate the effectiveness of the different decisions that are made. An example would be whether it is a good strategy to sacrifice bunt when there are no outs and a man on first base. Statistical models for evaluation play a central role in the selection of the NCAA Divison 1 football champion. The third classification of analyses - and generally more mathematical - is to investigate the processes of sports. This means attaching mathematical models to different aspects of a sport. By finding appropriate models it leads to a deeper understanding of the sport. Does a bell-shaped curve fit a professional golfer’s scores? Is driving distance more important than putting skill for a professional golfer?
Classification: M90
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