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Where in the world? An online guide to gazetteers, atlases and other map resources. (English)
Internet Ref. Serv. Q. 8, No. 1-2, 183-194 (2003).
Historically, it has been difficult for libraries to maintain large collections of map resources because of the cost of these resources and the difficulties in storing oversized gazetteers and atlases, and large loose maps. In addition to print resources, the public now has access to an overabundance of online maps and map related resources. The resources in this column have been selected after the review of a large number of map resources on the World Wide Web. The sites were chosen based on content, relevancy, quality, reliability, stability, and ease of use. Abstracts appear for the best online resources including: five online gazetteers, six atlases, three comprehensive map resource sites, four historical maps sites, four containing road maps and travel information, and one “just for fun.” (orig.)
Classification: R50
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