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Mathematics learning in multiple environments. (English)
Sowder, Judith et al., Lessons learned from research. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, VA (ISBN 0-87353-526-X). 23-26 (2002).
As part of an investigation of how students from elementary through high school learn about the mathematics of change in multiple mathematical environments, 5th-grade students were studied while doing mathematics-of-change activities from the Investigations curriculum (Russell, Tierney, Mokros, \& Economopoulos, 1998) in multiple mathematical environments. This research shows that students, instead of connecting experiences in different environments by recognizing a core mathematical structure common to all environments, make mathematical environments into lived-in spaces for themselves and connect environments through the development of family resemblances across their experiences. This perspective is explored in this chapter. (orig.)
Classification: D40
Keywords: thinking spaces
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