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Student teachers and ’street children’: On becoming a teacher of mathematics. (English)
Bazzini, L. et al., Mathematical literacy in the digital era. Ghisetti e Corvi, Milano (ISBN 88-8013-883-9). 301-306 (2002).
The phenomenon of "street children" where young people, for various reasons, live on the streets of towns and cities is found all over the world in varying degrees and forms. In South Africa, one approach to take care about the plight of these children has been to set up and run what are referred to as "street shelters". One such street shelter, the only one exclusively for girls in the city of Durban, is Tennyson House. In this paper I describe an innovative outreach programme integrated with a university curriculum in which a group of preservice teachers taking mathematics education as a major were involved in teaching mathematics to girls at Tennyson House. As a mathematics teacher educator in the programme, I describe and reflect on what was experienced and learned from the intervention in terms of three aspects: learning about learners; learning about teaching (mathematics) and learning about relationships. (Author’s abstract)
Classification: C60
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