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Considering dialogue as a social instrument in the mathematics class. (English)
Learn. Math. 23, No. 1, 30-40 (2003).
I present a dialogue between two mathematics teachers of different nationalities as they walk along the streets of a Spanish city. A pleasant walk and a little conversation provide a context where ideas and different arguments about mathematics arise through the exchange of ideas. However, this innocent example of engaging with mathematics makes the two teachers reflect on the possibility of using a similar dialogue in the classroom, whether between students or between students and the teacher. In this article, I show how many opinions arise, sometimes lively and at other times more sceptical. Some research on the topic is mentioned. This dialogue is formulated around three points: the role of the students, the role of the teacher and how dialogue may be understood as a medium for teaching. Finally, I offer some conclusions on which this form of teaching may be based. (Introduction)
Classification: C50
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