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Embargo, Tasini, and “opted out”: how many journal articles are missing from full-text databases. (English)
Internet Ref. Serv. Q. 7, No. 4, 23-34 (2002).
While the popularity of full-text databases among both library users and librarians is increasing, their quality seems to be decreasing. The term “full text” could be misleading, since many important periodicals are either missing recent issues due to publishers’ imposed embargoes, missing some articles because of the U.S. Supreme Court Tasini decision, or not in any “one-stop-shopping” databases at all. This article discusses the number and/or percentage of embargoed titles on some major full-text databases, compares how different aggregators handle the embargo issues, and looks at the number and/or percentage of articles removed from databases after the Tasini decision. It raises the awareness that some key periodicals have either opted out of big full-text databases or have never been part of any big full-text databases by identifying some of those titles. It also discusses the roles and responsibilities of librarians regarding these issues.
Classification: R50 P70
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