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Statistics in the basic and secondary curriculum. (A estatística no currículo do ensino básico e secundário.) (Portuguese)
Loureiro, C. et al., Ensino e aprendizagem da estatística. SEP, APM, DE e DEIO, Lisboa. 179-194 (2000).
Concepts and methods of statistics are part of the school curricula in most countries. The language, the techniques and the processes of statistics are in every news report, being used to support statements in many domains, from sports to health, from economy to politics. It is widely agreed that this area of mathematics fulfils a fundamental role in the education for citizenship. Besides, it constitutes a powerful tool to undertake projects and investigations in many fields ‒ through the processes of planning, collecting, analysing, and interpreting data. This paper compares in detail the objectives and contents of statistics in the USA, England and Portugal and presents suggestions for future curriculum development.
Classification: K10
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