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Our national education: our pride and our pain. (Otechestvennoe obrazovanie: nasha gordost’ i nasha bol’.) (Russian)
Mat. Shk., No. 1, 7-13 (2002).
This paper is a continuation of an account of the separate chapters of the book by Yu. M. Kolyagin "Russian school and mathematical education: our pride and our pain" begun in the 9-th issue of the magazine in 2001. The Bourbakist reform of the sixties of the 20-th century of mathematical education in USSR is strongly criticized. The paper of L.S.Pontryagin in the magazine "Communist" followed by discussion directed against the set-theoretic approach to a construction of school mathematics is mentioned. As a result of the discussion the set theory disease in school mathematics teaching was overthrown. Further it is told about the "democratic" reform begun in 1987-88. As positive moments the author mentions, firstly, the fact that the new reform essentially has not deeply affected the contents and methods of teaching mathematics at school, and secondly, the wide realization of the principle of differentiation in teaching mathematics. Further are considered the pros and cons of the transition to the 12-year’s teaching at school are considered. The paper concludes with declarations about the significance of the mathematical education for spiritual consciousness of the people and with the appeal to take into account lessons of the history of national education.
Classification: A30 C60 D30 D40
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