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Multimedia scenario in a primary school. (English)
Inf. Technol. Child. Educ. Annu. 2002, 61-85 (2002).
Multimedia as an educational technology tool is used throughout the educational system. In this article we present a research project where multimedia scenario was used to initiate a discussion about Internet use among students and teachers at a primary school. Multimedia scenario is the use of large screen multimedia to initiate and facilitate discussion in a group of learners. Multimedia scenario is part of a teaching methodology called PIER (Problem based learning, Interactive multimedia, Experiential learning, and Role playing). We describe how two groups of students and teachers-facilitated by a multimedia scenario-discussed Internet ethics and information filtering in a school context. The groups were observed during the use, and the article concludes that multimedia scenario and the PIER methodology has potential as learning activity in the primary school context. (orig.)
Classification: D42
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