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The interactive whiteboard as a force for pedagogic change: the experience of five elementary schools in an English education authority. (English)
Inf. Technol. Child. Educ. Annu. 2002, 5-19 (2002).
This article details an investigation into the use of interactive whiteboards undertaken in five elementary schools in an English education authority. Evidence was collected by using a questionnaire containing closed and open questions, lesson observations, and structured interviews of teachers and head-teachers. Potential benefits in the introduction of interactive whiteboards as an integrative technology within schools were found when the following three conditions were met: (a) there was a will to develop and use the technology; (b) the teachers had to be willing to become mutually interdependent in the development of materials; and (c) there had to be some change of thinking about the way in which classroom activities were resourced. (orig.)
Classification: C72
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